Light Forest

April, 2016

Inspired by the sunlight shining through the woods, the panels, covered by a patchwork of 3M synthetic fine wood surface resemble an abstract, dense forest. The warm white LED lights randomly illuminate the wall through three-dimensional cuts, resulting in a mesmerizing, unexpected effect of movement through a play of light and shadows.


October, 2015

A collection of four uniquely shaped candles and two presentation trays.
Each candle form has been individually sculpted while carefully observing and following the fine details of the original natural objects we have collected.

Between Spaces

September, 2015

Individual, personal inputs followed by various group activities have lead towards the common goal of the construction of a gate, replacing a broken barrier at the beginning of a path leading to the very heart of Domaine de Boisbuchet.

Inverted-Spaecs Orion

Inverted Spaces

April, 2015

A wallpaper design inspired by the night sky, in collaboration with New York based Calico Wallpaper.

A custom-made universe, constructed of combined high-definition NASA imagery, uniquely interacts with each environment and installation – just as space itself.

J & L Tumblers

October, 2014

Designed for the renowned Viennese crystal glass producer J. & L. Lobmeyr, this is a set of matching tumblers, destined for two people sharing a special moment together.

Linear Cycle

May, 2014

Linear Cycle is not a common clock.

Instead of the usual rotating dials it features a revolving shell-like element which allows it to indicate the passing hours on a linear plate instead of a circular one.

Mixed Animals

May, 2014

Why does an elephant have such a long nose?
We naturally associate specific proportions and parts to certain animals, yet the Mixed Animals feature a system of magnets and separate body and accessories pieces allowing one to challenge these associations.


April, 2014

Stamppot consists of a series of ceramic objects that contain a relationship to tableware. The project was initiated by Kazerne Lab, in collaboration with Twinkelbel – a day care center and ceramic workshop.
While referencing typical Dutch vegetables,the forms remain amorphous; they are designed to be interpreted.

Random Access Memories

October, 2013

Focusing on their own personalities, characteristics and experiences, the participants have developed new creations, reflecting on another’s visual archive by materializing and expressing their own views.

Origin part IV: Foster

April, 2013

Foster is comprised of three series of crafted objects and is the result of our collaboration with Ibuki, a non-profit organization based in Sonobe, Nantan-city, Kyoto prefecture. Ibuki is a group of young master craftsmen from varying disciplines with the common goal of preserving Japan’s traditional crafts through education and practice.

New Perspectives

February, 2013

The traditional, richly laid dinner table and the festive feeling that it evokes became our starting point. Motifs such as artichokes, fruits, fish and shellfish, originating from the abundant spreads depicted in 17th-century Dutch masters still-lifes, were embroidered onto pristine white table linen.
Instead of the traditional, more realistic illustrations, we have used three-dimensional perspective grid-drawings, which occasionally continue off the textile’s boarders.

Origins in Progress

November, 2012

Origins in Progress / 6 projects, 6 stories was our first solo exhibition in Japan,  at PANTALOON gallery, in which have presented various collaboration projects, along with images of the process.

Inside Out

October, 2012

For the Beijing Design Week we have developed a concept for a street furniture piece which can be used in different ways and integrated in the environment through the combination with other elements. The piece also addresses the relations and possibilities of a little privacy within the public area.

In Between

October, 2012

In Between is a collection of hand-blown glass tableware. Drinking glasses, bowls, plates, and accessories of various types and sizes come in a six step gradation – from transparent to white. Rather than sand-blasting, the gradation is achieved through the application of varying amounts of white pigment during the process.

Infinity Blanket & Pillow

October, 2012

Fashioned after the Möbius strip with its continuous one-sided surface, the Forever Blanket becomes a pillow, mattress and blanket in one. Retreat into a world of natural softness with the eco-friendly and anti-bacterial bamboo textile and wrap yourself in continuity!


September, 2012

Using solely the Moleskine products, some glue and pasta, the participants were guided through a quick process of re-thinking the way we eat and experience the simple, classic dish of pasta with tomato sauce.


April, 2012

The mirror strips on both sides of the Interlacer’s transparent surface produce partial impressions of the user and its surroundings.

Origin part III: Contrast

April, 2012

Contrast is the result of our collaboration with Meitheal Mara, and consists of a Side-Table, Stool and Fruit-Bowls.
Meitheal Mara – (translated from Irish roughly as, workers of the sea or sea community) is a charitable maritime cultural and educational centre based in Cork City in the south of Ireland, who’s main goal is to preserve the craftsmanship of traditional Irish boat building.


December, 2011

Exhibition- and graphic-design of i FABRIC : European Talent curated by Suzan Russeler.
Almost all the exhibits have been suspended from the ceiling, mainly hung as mobiles, allowing them to be gently caressed and driven by the airflow in the exhibition space.

IN Residence / Sense Memory

November, 2011

The theme of this edition emphasized the various ways we relate to, and experience (past) events. Unexpectedly, the workshop has provided us with a unique occurrence, as we have been asked to give the workshop separately, together with two other designers.

NeoFarm Workshop

October, 2011

The participants were invited to reflect on their own personal relationship with such a farm, and to create new objects representing this approach. A final group presentation of the different results has suggested a new definition, or a NeoFarm.


October, 2011

Lodz Design Festival – Poland’s prominent design event, has invited us to curate and design one of their two main exhibitions for their 5th anniversary.

Bremen – Souvenirs

June, 2011

The workshop was based on the concept we have introduced in Iceland Academy of the Arts; before the workshop has started, the participants were asked to choose a (random) global destination and prepare a short presentation, sharing what they found interesting, and also less appealing in that place.

Reykjavik – Souvenirs

April, 2011

With the intention of providing the participants a new, fresh perspective on their destination of choice, as well as their term project, they were asked to create souvenirs which would highlight some of the unique qualities of those places – either real or imaginary, as such an object provides a representation of (a portion of-) the essence of the place.

Origin part II: Balance

April, 2011

Balance is the results of our collaboration with Sidreh and the women weavers in Lakiya.
Lakiya Negev Weaving is an organization of Bedouin artisans, initiated by Sidreh, a non-profit organization focused on improving the socioeconomic situation of Bedouin women living in Israel’s Negav Desert.


November, 2010

Pavo is a concept we have developed, for a space divider made of folded paper with adjustable-length wooden-feet.

The wooden-feet and both sides of the paper are printed using silk screen with a lined-pattern, originally hand-drawn with felt-markers.


October, 2010

The participants were asked to select flashcards, providing them with random inputs, on which they had to reflect.
Through intuitive response and brief discussions, the students were asked to work individually, or in small groups, and develop new surfaces.

Shared Objects

September, 2010

Our aim was to trigger the minds of the participants into recognizing the beauty and potential of old/used objects.
We have started with diving into 2nd-hand markets, where the participants were searching for imperfect objects.

Golden Glory #5

August, 2010

Through the laborious art of hand-gilding, common plastic novelties and generic trinkets transcend the realm of the mass produced and meaningless and become truly remarkable modern day keepsakes.

Origin part I: Join

April, 2010

Join is the results of our collaboration with Mr. Tanaka – a master of Tategu – the traditional craft of Japanese wood joinery.
Join consists of a series of three space-dividers. In each piece two lined frames, representing the humble integrity inherent to the craft, are visually merged to create a moment that deviates from the conventional Tategu aesthetic, and introduces angles and shapes that are not commonly used in the craft.


February, 2010

Coiled consists of a series of interior accessories that finds inspiration in traditional ceramic vessels – earth wares constructed by hand coils of clay.

The intricate beadwork of the Siyazama women, in both pattern possibilities and color, is reminiscent of the inherently scaled skin of a serpent.


February, 2010

During the workshop the students were analyzing their exam project, or a randomly chosen project, and learned how to recognize its essence.

City of Light

November, 2009

City of Light illustrates an abstract image of a city. The installation consists of four hanging LED-lit light boxes, featuring layered images of imaginary cities. The light boxes are gently moving by the wind generated by two simple ventilators, creating a blurry, cinematic moving image which comes to life every evening when light turns to darkness.

Kaleidoscope Cabinet

October, 2009

The simple construction of the Kaleidoscope Cabinet, made of oak plywood, mirrors and hardened-glass, is possible to set in virtually endless compositions.

Through light and reflections, a striking visual effect is achieved, resulting in a unique display of the exhibited pieces.


October, 2009

Re-skinned explores the ways we use and re-use valuable materials.
The collection consists of a series of carpets made from old leather coats that have been taken apart, reassembled, and re-purposed as traditional skin rugs. With a protective, non-slip lining and an embossed serial number, each piece is as durable as it is distinct.

Getting Lost

October, 2009

4Apostelen has invited us to curate their exhibition for the Dutch Design Week 2009.
Getting Lost, in our design experience, is absolute freedom. Losing one’s self is a luxury that all can afford, but few choose to indulge. It is a gift that must be handled with care and with conscience.

7 Stones

August, 2009

As a follow-up of our CHANGE! collection we have created this dynamic shelving solution with one sitting element.

The rubber-coated foam elements can be arranged in countless compositions and a bit of rural-nature and primitiveness into any environment.


April, 2009

Furniture and home accessories built from rubber-coated foam.

Beyond the striking aesthetics, the design of the collection is based on the unexpected experience of using the material, which looks hard and heavy, but in fact is soft, flexible and light.

Destilled Nature

April, 2008

The beauty of a flower does not die when its petals have wilted and its leaves have begun to wither. When water no longer sustains cut flowers, the ghost-like silhouette of Destilled Nature creates a unique centerpiece for faded beauty.

Delicately hand-crafted from wire mesh and then rubber-coated, Destilled Nature asks the question, “Can beauty last forever?”

Infinity Aquarium

April, 2008

This conceptual prototype, illustrates how “swimming around in circles” may look like.

The repetitive geometrical shape – a three dimensional representation of the Möbius strip,  creates a visual metaphor to life in the fish bowl. Hand crafted from cut glass, the Infinity Aquarium scales down a vast concept of time and space.

Swing Lamp

April, 2007

The Swing Lamp is a concept that could help you never again to feel alone in the dark!

The iconic swing, illuminated by a rechargeable LED element, creates a comforting ambiance through lighting and movement.

See-Saw Bookshelf

April, 2007

Every book tells its own story. Every book has its own weight. By playing with balance, the See-Saw bookshelf visualizes the breadth of our home libraries.

Each piece is handcrafted from American walnut, combined with powder coated steel parts.

Portraits by BCXSY

April, 2007

These portraits, which have first been more of an experimental, spontaneous and humorous addition to our work, have soon become an inseparable part of it.